Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Action.

The past couple years around Christmas time I always start thinking more and more of how I want to do things differently.
We save up money, get BIG bonuses, get more credit, max everything out, wrap everything up, tear it open, look to see if there are any more gifts under the tree for yourself...all in the name of Jesus' birthday...hmm... Doesn't quite seem to match!
Don't get me wrong! I LOVE all the traditions and stockings and shopping it's amazing and so much fun to give, but also through it all remembering and NOT just remembering but actually HELPING and giving to those in need! At my church our pastor is asking for us to cut back on what we typically do for Christmas and give out!! This video is a wonderful example! But not just here...I'm sure there is someone within a mile of you that could use time, love, a meal...just anything! What can you do to change someone's Christmas...and life??


Mary Marantz said...

AMAZING post my friend!! Love you!!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing!! Awesome video! I love your blog. Not only do you have beautiful photographs but your blog reflects a beautiful heart filled with Christ's love!!

Uncle Chris said...

Our group of Barlows were taught from birth to ask the function of things, and look for better ways to do that function.

Seems like the function of all the traditions, parties, gifts, etc. is to show the love.

So, being creative about other ways to show the love is totally Christmas

Sarah said...

I posted this on my blog a couple of weeks ago.. I feel the same way. :)

Emily DeWan Photography said...

This video inspired me to make more gifts this year... I've got a sewing project in the works for my mom right now! :)