Monday, December 03, 2007

Yay! Back in one piece! :)

I seriously LOVE how adventurous and non-stop my life's so highly addicting! I FINALLY arrived home today from Michigan after a 7 and a half hour train ride! It was adventurous alright! It was the same route and time that the other train crashed the other day so they were taking their time...which is good I guess;) lol! It so wonderful being home even though I had such an amazing time in Michigan with Joy and Pete! I don't know what it is about Joy and my relationship but I'm determined we were destined to be business partners...haha! We've been creating business and "brilliant" ideas since we were 4, so of course age will never stop our pursuit for creating solutions! hehe! Since we are in a new phase in our lives where we don't necessarily need a **puppy** now... we talked about when we have kids and how we are going to train them! lol! We sat for hours on our computers mapping out exactly how we are going to do this! So brilliant!....not that I plan on having kids ANY time soon! haha! But it's good to be prepared! Then we of course found a way to market our idea so we can spread it out to the masses...;)
I totally felt like I was staying at a hotel staying at there house because they both work at hotels so they KNOW how to do it up right! I love it...and soooo can't wait to go back!
Ok...have to head BACK downtown tonight so I gotta run! I love you all!!


Anonymous said...

Seven and a half hours!? Oh my gosh, Sarah. That picture made me scream... I love it! I had no idea you had a picture of that.

I miss you miss you miss you. It was so great to have you.

- Joy

Heather Paulsen said...

Figuring out how you'd train your kids..then you have them ;-)

No seriously, it's amazing how grateful I am that God allowed me time to think through raising kids. Although, I have done things that were on my "I'd never do that" list.