Thursday, December 06, 2007

Alive again!

YAY! I finally resurrected The Dear Natalie blog! I was a major slacker over the summer but am back to posting regularly! I put it on my to do(which HAS to get done) to write on it once a week. Then once I do that maybe I'll write even more! We'll see! There is a really important **post** up right now that you should check out! Especially with the new year coming up soon!:)I love you all!

PS...oh yeah...I just added up all my blogs and realized the reason why I might be slightly slacking on some posts...I have 9 blogs that I'm on!! ahhh! I think I need to work on simplifying now;)

PSS: For those of you who don't know what the Dear Natalie blog's a blog that I basically started for my sister, to write advice and things that I've learned over the years so that her road might be a little less bumpy and to learn from my strengths and weaknesses! But I think it's so much better to share it with everyone too! So I put it into blog form! I definitely don't get to write on it as much as I'd like...but I'm working on it:)


Shannon said...

gorgeous photo!!! :) thanx for the blog love sarah!!!

joy. said...

Yay, Sarah! I read Dear Natalie and counted a number of non-exclamatory sentences. :) Great post, thank you. Keep it up!

joy. said...
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joy. said...

PS - I think it's "PPS" (Post post script) not "PSS" (post script script). But I think your way is cuter. I say run with it. :)

PPS - I MISS YOU!!! :( Pete said today that he really enjoyed having you in. Matt thinks you're one of the coolest people he's met in a long time. (No question there.)