Thursday, June 07, 2007


I love finding great inspiring quotes!! I think it's like a little boost of energy that takes you farther! Like when we would be training for the marathon we would every once in awhile take energy we could finish the run when we were exhausted! I think quotes are the same way! I just found this GREAT book of quotes so I'll be posting a quote of the week type thing in the section over to the right for that little extra inspiration or a good laugh! One of the most classic quotes I've heard was last night...My dad was saying how my grandparents wanted to change the world but they knew that just the two of them couldn't do it so they decided to raise up 12 leaders to help them change the world...(they went on to have 14 kids..) but awhile back several of the kids calculated how many diapers my grandma changed and it came out to 55,000 cloth diapers!! the quote is.. "She changed the world one diaper at a time!" LOL!


Samantha F. said...

That WAS an inspired quote!! =D

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Sarah said...

That is a great philosophy!!