Saturday, June 02, 2007

Liz & Logan

Last weekend I did Liz and Logan's engagement shoot! Liz wanted to shoot at the place where we're going to do their wedding pictures too! After doing their engagement session there I'm sooo excited to shoot there for their wedding now! It was so gorgeous! It's just a park but because it's so beautiful that people have to pay to shoot there! Craziness! But it's worth it!
Liz and Logan are so adorable together! They compliment each other so well! You see Logan is a Chicago police officer and while at dinner told us some of the most crazy and movie worth stories(I could listen to those all night!)...after hearing everything that he deals with everyday then seeing Liz it's a perfect match she's all girl, calm, and so sweet and he's big, tough, and hilarious!! Which make for some great pictures too!! I'm so excited to shoot their wedding in two weeks! Should be a blast!:) Enjoy the slideshow!!


J@KE said...

Totally love the whole show but my faves are the shaddow and the covered bench shots..... and all the shots acctually. I think this is my favorite show you've done so far. Everything is great! The pictures, the music, and the couple. I love it!



abigail smith said...

You're just incredible blessed Sarah! These are BEAUTIFUL pictures as always but you continue to rise in your creativity and skill.

God Bless!

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow thanks Jake and Abigail!! I'm glad you like it so much! They were seriously sooo cute together! :)

elyssa said...

the music compliments the couple...great intimate shots; beautiful.