Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My dad:)

Ok Ok....Well I guess posting pics from my dad's birthday didn't happen Sunday...lol!
Better late than never!!
Anyways, my dad is amazing! He is one of my best friends and has been my biggest mentor over the years. He's the one who really encouraged me to pursue photography because he saw it somewhere in me when I definitely didn't. He is always challenging me too, which keeps me on my toes alot! If it wasn't for him I would for sure be a couch potato and not be doing much with my life! It's awesome because I can go to him whenever and just talk to him about anything and he always gives me the best advice and usually it is for me to decide or to pray about it, which is the best and keeps me from staying a baby! lol!
His 45th birthday was this past Friday. We celebrated by having some friends over and playing games! It was great and low key which is always so great(especially after a crazy week!)
Sooo....Happy belated birthday dad!! I love you so much! :)
PS...all the pics are from his little party!


Stacy Cross said...

So cute! :) Your dad seems pretty great.

Mary Bess said...

your dad sounds awesome! and he's such a young 'en too! what a wonderful family you Barlows are!!


J@KE said...

OK so another post I missed. I'm getting really good at missing these. I'm so sorry for missing it.

Happy Birthday Pastor!


Katherine said...

I keep aching to see you guys!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Julianna is sooooo getting big!!!