Monday, May 07, 2007


I definitely feel like I'm running on that right now!! The past day has been amazing!!
Yesterday we headed downtown Chicago for my friend Amy's birthday! It was both Amy and my friend Shyla's first time down there so it was so great being able to show them around for the first time! We stopped constantly throughout the whole trip to do little photoshoots and "bandshoots" lol! It was great and Shyla posted all about it on her blog and the slideshow is **here**
After walking around for awhile we headed to a really hip place called Big Bowl which is a Chinese - Thai place! I HIGHLY recommend it! :)
Then this morning Amy, my sister Natalie and I went running for 2 hours! Well some of that time was spent at Starbucks;) But we walked home to walk that off too!! hahah!! I hadn't run more than a 1/2 mile since I broke my ankle and today we probably went about 4! So now I feel so amazing and refreshed it's awesome how great you can feel after just working out a little!!
I love you all! Hope you have amazing days!
PS...try working out today and seeing how you feel after!! ahhh......:)
PSS...I'm at the Apple store posting this right now waiting for my friends to shop!! LOL! I'm such a dork!


J@KE said...

A) You are not a dork although you can act dorky at times

B) It sounds like you had an AWESOME time in Chicago and I hope Amy had a great Birthday!

C) I STILL DON'T HAVE MY JANE EYRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll just have to come and get it today or very soon! I need my Jane.


Natalie Joy said...

jake you know we did that on purpose..JUST for you to HAVE to come back!:P

Aurora said...

Sarah Anne,
I beg of you to please respond. I'm thinking that possibly you don't respond cos you think i'm some wacked out forty year old man, but you can see my myspace profile and everything...pweese.

Katherine said...

Post some PartnerCon and pajama party pics soon!!!!!

I miss you guys soo much!!!

Sofia said...

Hey Sarah-

I had a fabulous time with you girls! Thanks for inviting me to the Barlow was fabulous. Amy Nave rocked the tacos. Come out and visit...miss ya already.

Katherine said...

Sarah ANNE! I'm waiting!!!!

Man....I'm really having withdrawals!!!

amynave said...


Thankyou sooooo much for everything.

I love you sooo much and miss you:)