Saturday, May 19, 2007

Freedom Finally!

Yeah! My friend Sarah Chellappa is back in town for the summer! Last summer Sarah was my studio manager and did an excellent job! Then she left for college and I've REALLY missed her ever since! haha! Not just because she works so well but also cause she's one of my best friends:) I don't really like doing alot of my administrative work, so to have her do that so I can focus on shooting and relationships, it's absolutely amazing! Yesterday was her second day this year and my office and business in general is so much more in order and I can actually breathe! haha!
It's the perfect time for her to start up because I have a ton of photoshoots coming up and I'll be posting ALOT of pics soon! Just finished my first of 3 photoshoots of the weekend! YAY! Have a beautiful day!


becca said...

she looks so studious like shes hard at work

Sofia said...

it is so awesome when the office is being taken care of!!! now we can spend more time visiting each other. =)