Thursday, May 24, 2007


My uncle Andrew is so brilliant! He was recently the Creative Pastor at his church down in Texas and they come up with all these absolutely hilarious videos to show on Sunday! I think videos is really were it's at now! We've been making little mini videos like this for our church now too and there is SUCH a great response to them!!! Check out how funny this is! Church can be cool after all!:) haha!


Anonymous said...

I liked the first one best!

J@KE said...

OK....... That was the freakiest thing I've ever seen.

Very funny. Hay did you know he has the same name as your brother???? That's kinda wierd.... :-P


Joy Marcie said...

hey sarah, guess who made a blog todaaay...well, probably hundreds of people, but one is me! I need some help :) i'm sure it's all very self-explanetory, but not all joy-explanetory.

See you SOON!!!

Samantha F. said...

OMYGOODNESS!! Those were HILARIOUS!!!'s kind of scary how creative all the Barlows are.... =P I love it!