Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Afrocka ::: The world

My sister helps head up an incredible non profit in Chicago called Afrocka. Her and a bunch of kids all 21 and under have spearheaded this group. An organization that puts on a yearly event to send support over to Africa. They've had SUCH success over the past few years and are even going over on a missions trip this fall to be a part of what they are investing in! While I was in Chicago they asked for me to take there new group photos for the website which of course I wanted to be a part of! I'm so proud of them and the impact they want to and are having on this world! NO one is too young. Check out their awesome **WEBSITE** to find out more about them!! And the event that they put on is coming up this weekend soo exciting! They're raising support specifically this time to build a school in Kenya to get orphans out of the slums. SO inspiring! Check out the amazing team below!

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