Friday, March 18, 2011

Stephen ::: Fashion ::: Yacht Club

Lately I have really been getting more into fashion & editorial photography and am LOVING it. The creating and concepting everything to the post processing afterwards has open my eyes to so much more and brought back a lot more passion to my art. After shooting for more than 6 years it can start getting mundane here and there but to throw in a new style and and avenue is so exciting. Then to be able to bring that through to all my other areas of photography is even more exciting!
My friend Stephen has been helping me a lot in this area as he has been working on his model portfolio for his agency but then also has an eye as far as art direction goes.
While creating a concept for another shoot we stumbled upon a spread that we HAD to recreate. The first one here is more Yacht club/old hollywood style. Let me know what you guys think, lots more to come!


Maximillian said...

Interesting lighting here. :)

That isn't you with the orangeish hair, is it?
If so, you look quite different; you'd otherwise bear a tiny resemblance to Lauren, I think.

Sarah Barlow said...

thanks! Yeppp that's me! haha!

Shyla said...

**insert giddy squeal here**


TheFinerThings said...

Who wears short shorts?!