Monday, March 21, 2011

Stephen ::: Fashion ::: Grit Rock

Finishing up from the last post the second look that we tried was a very old rock, Marc Jacobs sort of feel. Absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I'm learning more and more about directing as well. With all other types of photography most of the emotion is there. But with this more editorial/fashion style where it could just be the photographer and model and some music you have to really create the emotion that is needed. A challenge but a good one that got me to think outside of the box so much more.


Kristin said...

The chair really adds that final touch (plus the ones with the chair are my favorites). :)
Work it, Stephen.

P.S. Your new banner photos are beautiful!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks so much Kristin!! I know the chair is so ridiculous!!
Glad you love the new header too!! Miss ya!!