Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Esther & Dave ::: Engagement

This past weekend Esther & Dave drove down from Chicago for the weekend to do a little photoshoot here before their wedding in April. We met up at the local coffee shop Fido and hung out for an hour getting to know them a little better! I LOVE them! We hit it off so well and my favorite was how they met...Dave hearing Esther's laugh in the library at school and peaking around the corner to see her to then them becoming friends and he constantly hearing her laugh from the dorm above. They fell in love and make such a beautiful couple that compliment each other so so well. Here are some of the favorite pics! Can't wait to shoot their wedding in a few weeks!! **CLICK HERE** for the slideshow too!


Anonymous said...

You take such beautiful shots, and inspire me so much. keep up the beautiful work! :)

Feuza said...

so cute and Fido makes me miss you! looks like it will be an awesome wedding

Jcrew_lover said...

Awww, beautiful job as always, Sarah!
And beautiful couple.. congrats dave & esther!
will be seeing you guys in a few weeks!! :D


Megs Colleen said...

Girl these are so cute! <3 love them!

yisoo said...

Absolutely lovely!!! I always knew to find Esther in a crowded cafeteria by listening for her laugh. Never failed me!