Saturday, January 08, 2011

Genesis & Matt ::: Engagement

When I was back in Chicago over Christmas I did a SUPER fun shoot for my friend Genesis and her fiance Matt. I don’t know how I even met Genesis...I think may have always known her... ha! She grew up with my cousins and yet she was super close with one of my best friends, so many crossed paths makes it impossible to figure out how I know her! ;) And Matt I realized after shooting the two of them was in a TON of plays that I watched as a kid at a local theater group. Crazy small world. These two were one of THE most fun couples I’ve ever shot. Literally laughing almost the whole time yet sooo VOUGE when they needed to be! These two grew up together as friends then were out of touch for a few years around college then two years ago reconnected at The Baker Hotel while ballroom dancing which is where we decided to do the shoot! Such a fun quick shoot but we got what we needed and have plenty more time when their wedding comes up in July! I’m so so excited! Check out their **SLIDESHOW HERE**


Christina Moodie said...

lovin' this shoot Sarah!! beautiful!

Joy Neal said...

WAAHHHH!!! How did I miss this? SO amazing. Love, love love. Sarah, you keep getting more amazing. Genesis, Matt, I'm so unbelievably happy for you both. You deserve each other.

Ann said...

great photos. nice post. thanks.