Friday, June 18, 2010

Sarah & Andy ::: Engagement ::: Chicago

I met Sarah...well I don't even remember I think I've just always known her! ha! She used to teach my class in children's church when I was little and was always so sweet! I totally looked up to her at that young age:) We reconnected a couple years ago through our passion for photography as she works at a studio near her house in Chicago! Then last month she asked if I could shoot her engagement pictures as she had found the one! We shot all around there house in Crystal Lake as well as in their kitchen which is where he proposed while they were renovating it. Such a labor of love. I'm soo excited for her and Andy as I know they will have such a beautiful life together. Check out there pics here! And the **slideshow HERE**

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Rachel Gabrielle said...

Sarah you did such a great job with their photos! I know my sister is SO so happy with them, as am I.
I just keep watching the slide show again and again b/c they're all so beautiful!
Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!