Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chicago, interns, traveling ::: Update on life!

This next week I am moving out of my place in Nashville and packing everything up to travel for a few months! I am super super excited about getting up and going! I'll still be completely based in Nashville but have had so many places I've wanted to go lately that I just decided now was the time to do it! I'll be posting all about the places I go to! It'll be exciting! In the meantime though I still wanted to offer internships as I get requests for it all the time!
I just released one in Chicago as I'll be going back there a lot this summer! The date is July 29th-August 3! I'm super excited about it! Check out the intern site for more info!! Can't wait to get back there for a bit and visit my family(especially my sisters-ABOVE) as well as make new intern friends!!

Also, as I'll be back in Chicago a lot in July and August I'll be open for weddings, photoshoots, mentoring sessions! Contact me on my site if you want to schedule something!
I'll also be going to California, Colorado, New York, and possibly Seattle so all of the above is available for those places as well!!


Malissa Ahlin said...

YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU'RE IN COLORADO!! I miss you SO much!!!!! And I listen to our playlist ALLLLL the time! :)

Samantha F. said...

If you come to California, you know who you have to stop and see!! ^_^