Monday, June 14, 2010

The interns ::: May 2010

A couple weeks ago finished quite the internship with Malissa and Faith. Just two this time. But I like it that way sometimes. We get to focus a lot and have a nice amount of downtime to get to know each other so well! It was so great this time in all that: sitting by the pool, out on my balcony and everywhere in between.
These two were so very different from each other...Malissa making us laugh all the time and Faith just not even able to stop laughing, which made for quite the crazy time.
Of course late night pool jumping happened as well as exposing them for the first time to Urban Outfitters and Anthropology...pretty much a sin to not have been before! ;)
They were such great learners which made everything go so smoothly not to mention both AWESOME photographers! Of course the week had to end with a music video...somehow this usually always happens! To say this one is crazy is an understatement...;)

Malissa Ahlin
Ohh Malissa...she’s a crazy one! I could not stop laughing at her. From her running through the halls making whale sounds to her saying the funniest things in the elevator to just make people laugh. I love it. She’s so full of spunk and energy..and I thought I was energetic! ha!!! I could barely keep up!! I LOVE this about her! Especially with photography...her energy sets the tone for the shoot which is such an important aspect to it! She drove out here with her grandparents in their RV all the way from Colorado! What dedication! I loved also that even in her amazing craziness she was so down to earth and easy to relate to. She loved just hanging out. I really think the mix of everything that makes Malissa Ahlin will draw some of the most amazing clients to her business! She is going to do amazing and I can’t wait to see it!!
Check out her blog ***HERE***

Faith Teasley
What a girl Faith is. Quieter at first but after awhile she literally could not stop laughing. But it was a quiet laugh. The type where your laughing so hard no sound comes out. I LOVED it. She is such an amazing girl with an even more amazing heart for people. She is all about seeing change and loves being a part of campaigns for it. I think that is amazing that instead of just sitting around and hoping things will get better she actually just goes out and does it! Crazy inspiring! I really believe that the same drive she has for changing the different social problems in the world she’ll have towards her business! She caught on so well in everything that we did and has such a wonderful eye you just can’t deny that she’ll be well on her way to changing the world in the next couple years;)
Check out her rad blog ***HERE***!!

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