Friday, November 20, 2009


A couple weeks ago the womens webshow site, JustSoYouKnow.TV, interviewed me for their show! I love what these ladies are doing in pouring into people on a weekly bases in all areas of life!! Check out their website ***HERE***
They interviewed me on how I got my business started and the steps I took to make it what it is today....Check it out!
I hope you all are having such a beautiful week!! Enjoy the day!! :)


Saviors16bak said...

Thats cool Sarah, the hosts are definately very lovely characters. and thats real awesome how you consulted your dad about you're career. how wise!
God bless!

Fleeting_Impulse said...

i saw you post the link on your twitter. it's soo awesome! loved the interview!

Anonymous said...

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shp photography said...

Great interview, its nice to put a story and a voice to a face :) Question: How did you get a flash header for blogger?
xo Sarah