Tuesday, November 10, 2009

THE Interns #6

Whew...this was my last internship of the year and SUCH an incredible one to go out on!! I was astounded the whole time how fun and smooth it went!
This internship got off to a crazy start! The morning everyone was supposed to come one of the girls Hannah ended up getting the flu so her mom called to see what our options were...and ended up deciding to have her come in two days after she was over it. Emma was supposed to fly in that night and her flight got cancelled so she had to stay in the Atlanta airport overnight to wait to catch her flight the next morning! Kate lives in town so she just came the next day! It was crazy but after the second day and everyone arrived we got all the bumps smoothed out and it ended up being AMAZING!!!We did 3 incredible shoots as well as went and fed the homeless downtown Nashville with a bunch of my friends! And as always partied hard every night, some nights ice cream social and others having “family dinners” with a bunch of my friends and the interns! It was also amazing how quickly we got everything done during this one it seemed to go by wayyy too fast! But I know these girls got what they need and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future to impact the photography community and the art as a whole! These girls are INCREDIBLE! ***CLICK HERE*** for the recap slideshow!!

Kate Underwood:
Kate was the oldest one of the group yet got along soooo well with everyone! I didn’t feel the age difference one bit! She was SO fun to be around and has such a great sense of humor from her finger dances in the car when we were rocking out to her stories and guidance about boys. She is first and foremost and increble musical artist! Check out her stuff here! But she is wanting to get into photography as well which surprisingly I see soooo many people do! The two art forms must balance each other well!? She has quite the eye in photography as well as such a great personality that I know she will go so far!! As well as in her music career! This girl has got it going on! Check out here blog ***HERE***!!Hannah Wing:
Hannah is sooo precious!! She arrived in on Tuesday after our first day...but jumped right in very easily! She didn’t miss a beat! Hannah is very very new in photography but surprised me so much how she flowed in all of it! If she already picked up this much this fast who knows where she will go!! WAAAAY past me I’m sure! She is really calm and even keeled but strong at the same time! I loved the more you get to know her the more she would shine! And quite the personality too!! She was such a perfect addition to the internship and balanced everyone out I LOVE that!! I seriously can’t wait to see all that she does in the photography arena! Check out her SWEET blog ***HERE***!!
Emma Leigh Bradshaw:
Emma definitely surprised me so much. The first time I talked to her on the phone was when she was stuck in the airport overnight and nottt to excited about that! She sounded scared and not sure what to do! When she got here the first day we warmed up and then she unleashed!! haha! Probably one of the biggest personalities I’ve ever seen! I think I laughed from start to finish the whole time from her interpretations and descriptions of all my friends to her amazing stories of her home town and family. I don’t think I’ve ever been more entertained by someone! Plus she is an incredible cook and could almost cook anything I’m sure! Besides her incredible eye in photography she puts people at ease too while she’s shooting which is such the key! I know that with all this love that exudes out of her plus her style! She is going to drop kick the competition right out of the water! Check out her awesome blog ***HERE***!!

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Emma Leigh said...

SARAH BARLEY! hahahaha

Just so you know, I want to cry. I miss you, Nashville, Hannah, and Kate so dannnng much! But I'll be there soon enough and I can cook for you, and corrupt you some more, lil sheltered baby Barlow.

I love you! Thanks for the amazing opportunity! You are such a blessing and an amazing role model. I love you, lil huss huss!