Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THE interns #4

This last internship was incredible as always! Honestly I’m sooo thankful that each one is entirely different with SUCH different personalities than the last ones! It makes it interesting and exciting to discover how people respond to everything! I’m SUCH the people watcher so being able to become friends and live with 18 different people this summer is quite the people watching experience! This internship was DEFINITELY the party internship...with 2 birthday’s in two days we were partying it up like crazy...literally...I’m sure people thought we had escaped the psych ward or something! With Rachelle’s birthday on the first day...heading out to Cheesecake factory and buying her SlimFast for her birthday present....not a cruel joke...she actually LOVES it! Then once we arrived home I headed out for some pre-birthday journalling. Getting back upstairs a little after midnight the door was locked and I heard them scrambling inside...finally after awhile they let me in only to find them with brown bags over their heads and eye holes cut out...doing a birthday dance for me then dancing out on the balcony like that at my command. Quite the entertainment!

After sending me back downstairs for another half hour I came back up to find my favorite cake...Funfetti that we all cut together and fed to each other. Yep. We’re classy alright!

Besides all the fun and games this was definitely the deepest conversation wise we’ve ever gotten in during an internship even on the first night talking about crazy deep things! I LOVED it! Staying up WAY late each night talking about everything from religion, to the way we live, and of course was wonderful! I enjoyed it so much that even though we all didn’t believe the exact same thing we could completely respect where everyone else was coming from and even joke about it afterwards! So great!
I miss these girls! Check out the recap slideshow ***HERE***!!

Michelle Anderson- Michelle is so incredibly sweet, from her giggling about not believing she was finally here to dressing up at the end as an adorable alien...still not sure how she pulled that off... she just oozes with love and laughter. One of my favorite memories of her was when we went to my church and it ended up being a Dominican Republic themed night so she just went right up to a guy who had just gotten back from the DR and asked if he spoke spanish, from there they went into about a 15 minute conversation in spanish while we all watched and laughed! She is just that type of person to just grab anyone and talk to them like they are an old friend! I love that about her! Check out her blog **HERE**

Jessica Mooney- Is hilarious. I remember one of the last nights we were all sitting around the table at a restaurant semi-quietly talking when she started talking and we all burst into the loudest laugher much that I’m sure they were close to throwing us out we were so loud;) You think you know her and then she would pull new things about her out the bag which would just add to the experience that is Jessica. With such a heart for people and awesome wisdom she was such a wonderful addition to the internship. Gosh I’m laughing now... Check out her blog **HERE**

Katie Haller- Every time I think of Katie I laugh and think of old people. That is her to a T. She laughs constantly this cute little laugh and she LOVES old people. Starting out the internship and throughout it she had a slight problem hearing us...cause I think we all mumble...and what she thought she heard made us all laugh hysterically. I think it was slightly contagious too cause we all started not knowing what each other was was brilliant. Anyways...besides how much she made me laugh, she was so amazingly sweet and has awesome style. AND with her being the only girl with all brothers she had a lot of boy advice too...;) Check out her SWEET blog **HERE!**
Rachelle Ferrier- The young one of the group...she turned 17 the first day of the internship! YEAH for 17 year olds starting their own business! Not even graduated high school and she is on the fast track to having one amazing company! More of a quiet one but every so often she had this boldness rise up in her that was awesome! Even in all our conversations she had a lot of wisdom to share too! Rachelle has quite the style though too...During the brand building day...I wished her branding inspiration page was mine! So colorful and fresh and simple. Check out her blog **HERE!** Pretty amazing!

Last but not least we put together a music video on the last night....of course we brought the crazy. Check it out.


Ana Rebeca Contreras said...

You are hilarious girl!!!
Looks like you had a great time :)
Miss you!!!

jamiedelaine said...

I watch these videos and think, "nuts."
But then I get around you... and I do the same thing.
It's an odd effect you have on people Miss Barlow.

P.S. Obsessed with this song. Brill.

shellshalom said...

haha! Good times! I miss you and everyone! I had such and amazing time! Hope you're having a good rest of the summer:D

p.s. I can't get over how I look the wrong way EVERY time in that video:P haha!

Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...


the slideshow was GREAT! I love that you put your heart & soul into every single intenship/intern. as always, you amaze me.

i loooooove you. alot.

GrayPhotography - Zach and Jody said...

SERIOUSLY. You. Crack. Me. UP!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! Looks like a great time :) - JG