Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Amanda & Robert ::: Engagement

Last month while I was out in San Francisco, I met up with Amanda and Robert for their engagement shoot! It worked out so perfectly that I would be out there right before their upcoming wedding this September! We had a blast hanging out the whole afternoon shooting around Golden Gate Park and then going to the King Tut museum!! I love when the shoot becomes more about just hanging out and getting to know each other!! These two were so much fun and made me laugh constantly!! I seriously can not wait for their wedding in Sacramento at the Grand Island Mansion!! Should be quite the wedding!! Check out their pics here and the **SLIDESHOW HERE**


Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...

Awesome photos.....and that location!?!?!?
Ridiculously Amazing.

I love these!

Lydia said...

Love them! How cool, you're going to be coming to my area!

ashley said...

Sarah, these are soOO amazing.

Kath' said...

Awesome pictures. Will have memeories forever. Find a nice photo album and get started saving the pictures now before they start piling up. You look so in love. God Bless your marriage forever. Thanks for sharing with us. Kath'

Roxie said...

Beautiful photos! Love them Amanda! Congrats on your engagement and your soon to be wedding! I wish you both the best!

Nancy said...

Amanda & Robert,
Your Photos are beautiful, and so are the both of you!! Congratulations you both!!
Nick & Nancy