Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last interns of the year!

I know I know....last time I posted about my last interns I promised that I wouldn't wait that long....welllll I didn't wait 3 weeks but it's already been 2 weeks and I'm just now posting! I need a blog police or something to keep me on top of this! lol!
Anyways.... I finished up my last intern run on August 9th and it was nice way to go out with a bang! These two girls, Victoria Bennett and Jamie Delaine arrived at the end of July and it was one of the fastest 2 weeks of my life! It totally sped by because we were having so much fun and doing things NON stop....mostly getting dressed up and going to fancy places...and bringing our cameras as an excuse;)
It really worked out as all the intern pairs that came were all in the same age group and I totally didn't plan it that way! These last two were my youngest at 17 and 17 then turned 18! It worked out perfect! These two were a lot a like but very different at the same time and brought their beautiful personalities into the weeks which made it incredible!
First I'll start off with Victoria:
I've know Vickie for the past 3 years or so and we hit it off from the start talking just about anything and everything! She's one of my girls in my small group at church and is so inspiring how she is acceptant of everyone and everyone loves her so dearly... plus she hugs everyone in sight! I love it so much! Her style comes through in everything she does which is perfect because when we were developing her brand that came through so awesome that she'll just be wearing her brand everywhere she goes! Vickie is JUST now getting into professional photography and shot her very first wedding with us and I was blown away by her work! I wish I was that good when I first started! Check out her FAB blog **here**!!! I'm SUPER excited about her business coming up in the future!

Jamie Delaine: be honest when Jamie first contacted me about the internship I was like, "What?? You are incredible already!!" But I was excited to be pushed beyond what I thought I had in me and give more out! It was a nice little challenge but brought about a wonderful friendship through the whole thing! Jamie is a phenomenal photographer who I know we'll go so far as she JUST turned 18 and already has what I just got with branding and everything last year! ha! Plus is already selling her own Photoshop actions...since she was 16 too! ha! Amazing! Anyways....we got along so well and I warned her two things which both she denied at the beginning: #1 everyone would get SUPER hyper the second week into the internship(she said noooo this is me at the most comfortable I get....) little did she know;) #2 She would actually start liking the hip hop music that we listened to despite her protests....(I just found out she bought a couple of the songs we listened to!) Success I tell you!!!! hahha! I wish I could've recorded her and Natalie together...but I'll just let the pictures in the slideshow do the talking;)
Check out her blog too...and the posts from the internship are down a little as she's a slightly better blogger than me;)

Here is the awesomeness:::::


jamiedelaine said...

K, thanks to Andrew for the heads up on this post, because I usually don't check your blog at 10:30 at night! I know, sad hey? I should be a more dedicated reader. LOVE IT. and LOVE YOU. And everything about this post. Love the slideshow. I need that photo of me in the Argyle sweater! I so should have bought that, if I would have seen how good it looks on me. Hahahaha! I totally need those popcorn pictures; what an amazing place. I love Wheaton. Oh, and thanks for the butt shot (#120) that is hilarious. DID not know you were taking that. Oh well, that's why I run, right?!! K, love you, miss you, and get skype already woman so I can see your face.

Natalie Joy said...

hahahah i loooove the pic of me staring at you (jamie) in kinda like saying "hey there sexy ladyyyy" lol JUST KIDDING!!
hey where are our walking "in the courtyard holding hands" pics??? why didnt sarah post those??? haah OOOPS! sorry i just let out our secret...shhhhh lol
Love and miss your face.

jamiedelaine said...

The only reason I can think of why she didn't post those is because she is embarrassed of us!!! I know, I love those Starbucks pics where you are staring at me. Hahahaha. I think there was four, I have them all. :)

Ana Rebeca Contreras said...

Oh it looks like you girls had so much fun............I wish I lived closer.........reunion sometime soon?? OH YES!!!!!! hahaha

Victoria said...

OOOOOHH MY GOSH!!!I love the whole post!!!hehe! So much fun, so many good memories! ahhhhh! I miss you all! Thank you Sarah, for all those sweet things you said about me! I truly will cherish that for a long time! Love you soooo much!

Cait said...

*cries 'cause she wishes she had been there*

Oh well... I'll have to plan the reunion! You all are amazing and I can't wait to see you again (some for the first time...)!

PS Sarah, since I'm sooooo good at blogging regularly, I'LL be your blog police! Yay! GREAT idea, no? Yesh. :D I'm smart.

PPS. So I didn't fall in love with the hip-hop crap we listened to, so you ARE a failure!

emma jean said...

So can someone please explain to me what "branding" is?

Sarah Barlow said...

Jamie....yes...just had to add that one in there JUST for you;) lol! I was ABOUT to add the hand holding pic in there...but I could just see it on the cover of PEOPLE....scandalous! LOL!

HECK YEAH for a reunion!! How about Europe or something;)

Vickie!! ahh!! I miss you! It was wonderful having you as an intern! :)

Cait! Yes!! Be my blog police for sure!!!! We definitely have to plan a reunion!! Soo can't wait!

Emma Jean...:) Branding is basically the signature of a company, the colors, fonts, logo, basically everything you view is branding:)

emma jean said...

Thanks for explaining, Sarah! :)

Michaela said...

holy moly you take amazing portraits! i am in awe.