Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Emmy & Alan ::: Wedding

Saturday, we shot one of the most incredible weddings I've ever been too! I go to so many wedding all the time and while they all have been SERIOUSLY incredible weddings(I'm blessed with the coolest clients) I always love it when I go to a wedding that would totally be what I would do for my wedding!!
Emmy and Alan got married on Saturday at Willow Creek and had the reception up at Emmy's parents Apple Orchard up north! The day turned out unreal! From starting the day with Korean Sushi...(I don't think it's actually called that....;)....a hayride after dinner......to ending the day with Karaoke out under the stars while roasting marshmallows! Completely perfect.
I met Emmy and Alan last year while doing there engagement session and I immediately knew there was something special about these two! They are just so genuine and SWEET! Emmy was completely glowing all day long and Alan was the strength behind her! And yet every once in awhile they would just say the funniest things! I also love how integrated the family was in the whole day too! It makes the day complete. We definitely stayed waaaay past the time we were contracted for because we were just having way to much fun....even though it was an hour drive home! I love it!
Soooo congratulations Emmy and Alan....I couldn't be more excited for you!! I love you both!!:)

Emmy and her dad right before walking down! This is always one of my favorite parts of the day!

This was one of the best ceremonies I've been to also! Such a wonderful message!

After the main ceremony the did a traditional tea ceremony where all the relatives give them gifts! I wish I were Korean!! It was so beautiful! :) 

Sparklers on the hayride! How could you beat that????
Check out the slideshow!!!


emma jean said...

Which Willow Creek base was it at? Do you know what I mean? It doesn't really seem like the main one that I went to.

nina said...

wow, they did have a incredible wedding! i think it's great when you celebrate your culture during an event where you don't have to!

Cait said...

Lovely. I love that they did a traditional tea ceremony; since I have so little cultural background, I really enjoy it when others embrace theirs.

PS Great job! You really captured the essence of their special day!

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Emma Jean! I was actually at the main Willow Creek! That's the one you went to right??? We were in the little chapel off to the side:)

Nina! YES! I totally love cultural weddings!! They are always so much more interesting! :)

Cait!! Thank you so much!! I MISS you girl!!! When are you going to come to Chicago again!!?? :)

sarah said...

this is a beautiful collection of wedding shots! i love them all! i really really love the idea of the hayrides and sparklers... so incredibly charming!

cheryl said...

very nice job sarah! was nice to meet you at emmy's wedding. i'm so glad she went with you guys as photographer :)

emma jean said...

Yes, that's the one I went to!!! And I remember the chapel!! I guess I should've watched the slideshow first before I asked you what base it was at! Haha! :)

emma jean said...

"I wish I were Korean!!" HAHAHAHHH!!! :)

Courtney Michelle Photography said...
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Courtney Michelle Photography said...

Hey Sarah!
Those are so beautiful! They are breath-taking! I think my favorite is the one where she is standing behind him, holding his hand and they are both laughing. I LOVE pictures like that, that capture the "real" people. Great job!
PS. Thanks for all of your help with my blog issues! :)
(oh... that was me that deleted the comment above... ooops!)

Enoch Photography said...

simply beautiful. the sparklers shot ... outstanding! Great work overall... all of them have personality and emotion. You rock Sarah. //enoch

Truly Smitten said...

Hi Sarah Ann! I LOVED absolutely freagin' LOVED your photos for Emmy & Alan's wedding! GORGEOUS and truuuly magical! I asked Emmy if I could do a feature on wedding on my blog.