Wednesday, November 02, 2011

October ::: THE interns

Earlier this month I had my first Nashville internship in a year and a half! I've been doing most of them in Chicago or other places but hosting it here made me love my city even more all over again. I was sooo blessed by the two girls that came in for the 4 days to learn how to further there businesses plus shoot a wedding in Memphis with me! We had such a blast working our minds till they were mush then going downtown Nashville a few nights for an outdoor show and then at a fancy old fashioned diner called Merchants. I didn't realized until the day before that both were from Texas and near where I was heading for a wedding the next week so the internship reconvened there which made it all the more fun hanging out knowing we would be doing it again soon!
Rachel Durrent: A quiet boldness. She has one of the most incredible stories I've heard of growing up all around the country and in all forms of homes, boats, campers. Everything. The way she sees the world is limitless because of it. Such a servants heart and willing to go the extra mile people can feel her genuine concern for their good. It's an incredible gift to be given. And to see her have that in furthering her call in photography I know she'll make such an impact in peoples lives just from her being around them! Corpus Christi doesn't know what's about to hit it!
Kristy Carlile: The minute that I read her application for the internship I KNEW I had to have her come! She talked all about wanting to make an impact in the world and knowing that she was called to teach other people as well. Since that is one of my biggest passions I knew this was going to be an awesome new friendship! Sure enough we got to talk so much about teaching and duplicating yourself. Her gift in that as well as her awesome eye for photography is going to be an incredible unstoppable force in her life. She is bold and very comfortable in her own skin. I love that! Also, because of that people will feel how genuine she is and be able to be that much more comfortable in front of her camera or just in life in general! I'm so excited to see her business in San Antonio take off!!


Kristy Carlile said...

I love it! Thanks for the kind words!

Rachel Durrent said...

Thank you Sarah for opening up your heart and home.