Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Jeremy & Bianca ::: Wedding ::: San Antonio

Two weeks ago I headed to San Antonio to shoot my old friend Jeremy’s wedding. He met his beautiful, now, wife Bianca after moving down there to help start a bible schoool! All during them getting to know each other and into the start of their dating relationship Jeremy and I would stay in touch about everything going on. To see it start several years ago, to where it culminated in them getting married was one of the most beautiful things to watch! The love that has been developed between these two is incredible. Such a respect and love, which I believe is exactly the way God created it to look. The wedding took place at one of THE raddest places I've ever been, The Serengeti Resort. Complete with giraffes, zebras and camels roaming the property! Made for quite the photos!! Check out their ***SLIDESHOW*** here!!


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love this! So great!