Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Seattle mini internship

I've done internships now for 4 years and love it sooo much still...I've started doing more accessable internships that are for shorter amounts of time rather than the original 2 weeks or 10 days type of thing...it's easier on me and the people as far as taking that much time off! This was my first time doing a 2 day internship and even better in a place I'm totally not familiar with! I've been dreaming of going to Seattle for the longest time so when I finally got the chance to I couldn't have been more excited! Beth and I had been talking for awhile about me coming out to Seattle to do this internship but the timing never lined up..so this was a long time in the making! I honestly think a little internship is THE best way to see a new city as well! I'm not usually into tons of tourist type things..I love just going to the local coffee shops & cafes and sit watching people of the city walk past. I think you get the very best feel of the city that way. The night before the internship started I asked my friend Ellie and her roommate Bekah where we should go while exploring the city, while we were hanging at King's Hardware(a vibey bar food type place owned by Linda... apparently a successful restaraunt founder of some of the best places around town)
...they gave us the very BEST list of Seattle and each place topped the one before that I decided to give you a little sample just incase you are ever there and need the best places to go...! We started off the first morning at Citizen a cute little coffee shop/cafe near the Space Needle in an area called Queen Anne. They have an upstairs balcony area that's more quiet and a great place to work. I ordered some incredible oatmeal with cranberries and walnuts.
After working at Citizen for a few hours we headed to a book/coffee shop called Bauhaus in Capital Hill. Probably my favorite place in town... there are some of THE coolest people coming and going out of it constantly and I would really like to photograph ALL of them. The place has the feel of a little library but then sells Koolaid/coffee/hohos/italian sodas/& donuts. AMAZING. We went there twice in one day.
Now don't hate at the fact that the 3rd place we went that day was yet again a coffee shop...but I COULDN'T go to Seattle with out going to Stumptown coffee..I first tried it while in NYC earlier this year and it has completly changed my life, coffee wise. I got regualar roast the first day and a toddy cold brew the second. Couldn't be more in heaven.
That evening we headed to Phinney's Market for an egg salad sandwhich and some of the best fries. Total splurge. but really amazing. The next morning we met up at Oddfellow's right off of Pine Street. WOW. Serving stumptown coffee and a open air feel I ordered the fruit french toast and I thought I could die right then with a smile on my face.
Afterwards we headed to Pike Place of course which is neccessary for going to Seattle...got to see the farmers market and the tossing of fish as well as the first Starbucks..then ate Smoked Salmon chowder at Iver's which I guess is known as the best seafood in town...it was prettty incredible!!
All this touring of the city was made complete by have my intern/tour guide Beth along side! She's amazing and has such an incredible heart. We got to talk awhile about life and her outlook and perspective on it is one of the best I've seen. She has an awesome eye for photography and such an eager mind to learn that I KNOW she is going to succeed in this so well and with the passion for life that she has it will push those around her to go sooo far as well! So excited to see her thrive!

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