Monday, October 03, 2011

The Northwest ::: Travel

Late July I was getting THE bug to travel...on my list of goals for this year I had written that I NEEDED to go to Seattle and Vancouver cause I for some reason out of everywhere I've traveled somehow managed to never get up that way! I wrote my friend and past intern Jamie Delaine who is from Vancouver to see when exactly I would see her next...she mentioned having a wedding up on Vancouver Island that I could come shoot with her at the end of September and I was like DO NOT TEMPT ME I will come!!! haha..well she tempted me enough that I went!
It was one of the best trips in awhile! Her and I...I don't know what it is...but whenever we get around each other it is INSANE. Unexplainable really..we talk about everything from changing the world to boys to singing at the top of our lungs to bad rap music & laughing so hard about the stupidest things hoping we'll make it to the bathroom in time. lol!
I LOVE her. Her drive and passion for life I don't think I can compare her to anyone...THE most disciplined person I've ever met it blows me away and has brought her so much success in so many areas of her life because of it. I'm so proud of her and inspired at the same time. During our time we explored Vancouver a bit then headed over to Tofino on Vancouver island, which took driving an hour, a 2 hour ferry ride and a 3 hour car ride up to the tip of the island.
It was one of THE most beautiful places I've ever laid eyes on. The drive up was unreal and once getting there it was just as I envisioned and more...fog everywhere, rainy most of the time and moss covering everything in the forest areas.
The town was a huge surf town filled with hippies which provided some of the best people watching and conversations.
The wedding was absolutely perfect which I'll post about in a few days. But the time around it was just perfect...reading, talking, taking pics and just relaxing at a little beach cottage that smelled like smoked salmon. I wanted to lick the cedar walls. hahah.
What I trip I can not WAIT to get back and experience more of British of my new favourite(like the way I spelled that?;) places.


Kristin said...

Looks so cool! Definitely on my to-go list.

Maximillian said...

Haha Sarah, your expressions are hilarious!
Jamie looks like she's really nice. :) Perhaps I should add British Columbia to my list of "places I hope to visit someday"...

Sarah Barlow said...

Yeahhh Kristin you MUSTTT go!!!

Maximmillian..haha thankss!! Yeah you'll def have to go! It's ridiculous there!!

Naomi said...

Your photos are so cool!

Hannah said...

Oh, I love this. A new favourite ;) post! :)

Michelle Stone said...

oh my named vancouv_03!! so insanely beautiful..I feel like I could sit and stare at that view for days!