Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shana & Casey ::: Wedding

Two weeks ago I had such the privilage to shoot Shana and Casey's wedding. Now I'm not quite even sure how to put in words how incredible the day was both weather wise and wedding wise but I'll try as best I can!
I told you on the engagement post just how amazing these two are and their amazing love for each other that sets the bar high for everyone else! That love, for sure, came through every minute of this day. From walking into their house that they just bought and seeing 6 pictures that Casey had printed out for Shana representing the 7 days of creation and the sixth one he had given her that day...a picture of them holding hands close up representing God bringing woman to man! I LOVED it!
That should give you a small example of what the rest of the day was like: Full of meaning and thought.
The whole wedding took place at their church Fellowship Bible and it was the perfect setting for a wedding pluse the weather was probably the best it had been all year. Perfect.
And of course as I said in the last post... they finally had their first kiss at the alter! It was sooo beautiful!
Shana and Casey! God bless you both so much! I'm soooo excited for your future together!!
Check out the ***SLIDESHOW HERE*** and some of the favorites below!


Charity said...

That is BEAUTIFUL Sarah! WOW!!! Thank you so much for posting these!!!

Christine said...

that's really sweet that they saved their first kiss. it made me mad cuz today some of the people at school were making fun of someone who did that. if i was in the convo i would have probably said something. it just ticked me off how they had no respect whatsoever. they obviously didn't get it at all >_<
that said, i'm not against kissing before marriage, but i totally respect it and idk what i'll do myself. i guess it's something that should be between the couple and God.
idk why i'm rambling i felt like venting lol. these pictures are absolutely lovely, btw! i like the one where the chick has her mouth open xD haha. and the one on the bridge is real pretty ^_^

Jessica said...


beautiful blog and pictures!!! I just LOVE weddings. they are sooo beatiful. i am going to a wedding this weekend and I am so excited!! thank you for sharing your photos. Blessings to you friend!! <3

Kevin said...

Un be lieve a ble

Sarah these are incredible!

It is so obvious that God ordained all of this. I am literally blown away. Yes!

mike said...

I just wanted to say that I think that your photos are really great.And I wish i could take pictures like that.
Some way a thumb or finger finds it way in.
Anyway,I just wanted to say I like your work.

Katie McNeil said...

Wow, what a gorgeous bride and a beautiful wedding! Shana and Casey seem like an amazing couple. I have so much respect and admiration for people like them. Your photos are amazing, as usual.

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

Hands down best couple you've ever posted!

Love the God-centeredness of it all!

I am sure they had an awesome honeymoon! The more you save, the more fun you have ;-)!!

The Velvet Trunk said...

Sarah, these are INCREDIBLE. You captured everything perfectly and made a not so ideal location look fabulous. Seriously- beautiful beautiful job!!


Nina said...

Sarah, I absolutely LOVE this shoot! It's one of my favorites. The bride is soo beautiful and the groom looks SO happy. I love it!!