Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shana & Casey ::: Engagement

After releasing that big Nashville photography deal last month, my friend Kevin stopped by and I ended up telling him about it to which he responded that his friend was getting in March and they were looking for a photographer! By the end of the week I had met up with Shana & Casey and booked the wedding which will happen tomorrow! I seriously can't wait! This will be my first official Nashville wedding and I wouldn't choose any other people to have been the first wedding for me to shoot! They are INCREDIBLE! We sat and talked for awhile about their story, how they met and most amazing of all their respect for each other and love. They're doing something that I've rarely ever seen: waiting for their first kiss until the alter tomorrow! So precious! It was actually amazing how awesome it made their engagement shoot with them NOT kissing cause we had to think out of the box. All around it ended up being one of my all time favorite shoots ever how much they made me giggle with how precious the two of them are with each other! I really can't stand it! ha! Check out their pics...and the ***SLIDESHOW HERE***

The two of them first talked about the possibility of getting married, while here at Centennial Park and their favorite pastime together is laying in the grass looking up at the stars for hours..I couldn't pass that up without a little art project;)


Samantha said...

Love the couple.
I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day and seeing a couple like this.. wow.. just makes me want to keep the promise even more!

Luv this whole shoot. beautiful job!


Amy said...

These are so lovely. The stars on the blanket made me smile.
I bet the wedding was super sweet :)