Monday, July 13, 2009

THE Interns #3

Whew...well I'm CRAZY late on this simply for the fact that I took a vacation only 2 days after this internship ended and decided to not really touch work until I got back. Smart move for my life, I tell you. Now all recouped and re-energized I've started on the first day of my 4th internship of the summer realizing that I never did a recap of the last! Sad. But it was worth the wait!
This internship was incredible! It was the most girls I've ever had at one time with 5 total! It started feeling more and more so like my family with 6 people in my little apt. But amazingly with our 4 minute "Barlow Clean ups," we kept the place looking like a model home...well sorta;) We started the internship off with a party that I hosted for my friend's new start up company, 615 Creative. They took over my place for the first day and converted it into a spectacular studio party, complete with 9 Fruits smoothies and everything! It made for quite the first day of an internship with late night swimming in our clothes. Definitely the way to break the ice! ha!
These girls were literally from all across the globe, from Oregon to Colorado, and Maryland to Mississippi, as well as Germany by way of New York! INSANE! I loved picking up each girls' different accent...down to the way one of the girls Katelyn says "mountain." Everything in her accent was normal except for that...we LOVED it and laughed many times about it! Plus, throwing in a German accent girl who speaks 3 languages, and a deep South girl, we had many things to laugh about!
These girls are so precious! And made such an impact on my life! They were helpful, punctual...WOKE UP BEFORE I DID! I don't know how that happened! And hilarious to be around...never thought a burping contest would be thrown into the mix of activities that they would want to do! It was amazing.
There were, of course, several insane nights that always seem to happen during the internship. One highlight being taking an air-mattress out onto my balcony at 1 in the morning and people watching the people out by the pool just for the heck of it...then deciding to go down and hang by the pool at 2am. Spontaneity people. It's the best.
One of the last nights we decided to break down and create a music video, there always also seems to be a dress up time where all my clothes and accessories get pulled out of my closet and divied up between people. It always ends up horrendous, but we just can help it! Check the video out here!
ALSO **CLICK HERE for the slideshow**Pictures taken by all of us!

Okkk so onto the girls:

Xenia Berg: Xenia is originally from Russia, who the moved to Germany and then in the past year came to America for an internship out in New York. She is ADORABLE and made me laugh all the time. From her sudden love for Nashville after seeing the beautiful faces and the music to her awesome accent that took me awhile to be able to understand fully without having to have her repeat it a million times. She has such an eye for art and I loved all the creativity that she had throughout the time. She knew what her style was and stuck to it to the full! I'm trying to talk her to moving out here to NASHVILLE! If you agree with me leave her a comment on her blog... Check out her **BLOG HERE**!

Erin Wilson: Erin is precious. She is from Mississippi and has the sweetest southern accent... She was such the momma duck around the house keeping things nice and clean and such a go getter: when I assigned her something she'd be gone for a bit and come back with this incredible creation that she made! I think she'll be teaching her own internship next year!;) I loved every so often this little spark would come in her eye and she'd be the biggest practical jokester....and just plain crazy! I loved that subtle, but not so subtle side of her! I also LOVED how much she adores her family. It makes up so much of who she is and I know she is going to have the sweetest little family in the future! I miss her! Check out her **BLOG HERE**!

Megan Murphy: Ohhh Megan Murphy....she is from Maryland and found me through the beautiful Kristen Leigh who is one of her friends and my very first intern. Megan is such an eclectic person, a girl after my own heart who plays to her own tune as said even in her own words! She was quiet at first, which is definitely how I sometimes start...but after awhile, showed her true colors and was STINKING hilarious... we couldn't stop laughing at her! Her words for her business were: Funky, Fashionable, and Classy. So her. So all over the place, but it's like a bouquet! And that's what makes her so great! I loved discovering so many different things about her! Check out her **BLOG HERE**!

Cassidy Nettles: Cassidy, Cassidy, Cassidy! Ha! She has got to be probably one of my most exuberant interns I've ever had! I LOVE it! She wrote to me later last year about wanting to be part of the program; she was so crazy excited about it and couldn't WAIT to sign up! She then started counting down the days every so often on my facebook wall and just couldn't contain herself. I was so happy to find out that she is just like this in person, practically about everything! I love her excitedness for life, her sense of humor, and complete gullibleness. She literally believed almost everything we said in our crazy sarcasm. It was adorable. She has an awesome sense of style and in creating her brand came up with something so beautiful! Check out her **BLOG HERE**!

Katelyn Rich: Katelyn! Ah, Katelyn was my buddy throughout the internship! We hung out so much! When I needed to run errands she would come with me, when I was just hanging on my computer she would just come and sit next to me! I loved it! I'm a quality time person and I'm sure she is too and that means so much to me! Katelyn has such a great heart and passion to really go where God wants her to go! She is leaving for college in Canada in the fall and even though that is going to be challenging balancing both that and her business, she KNOWS that is what she is supposed to do! I'm I'm sure she is going to thrive in it! She also surprised me at how funny she is and has the best crazy loud laugh ever! I just love her and am excited for what she will do in the future! Check out her **BLOG HERE**!


Christine said...

haha that vid was AWESOME xD makes me wanna do somethin like that lol.

Katelyn said...

Oooooh! That makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time! I miss you all sooo much and I want to come see you in Nashville very badly! :)

Cassidy Brooke said...

Oh gee :( So many good memories...

On the bright side guys, we're famous! We made THE Sarah Barlow blog. Dang :)

Love you all!

Feuza said...

Loved the video! especially the ending- lol, so miss you and look back and keep thiking, hum perhaps I should have done more, practiced more, laughed more, but that is how it is, each internship so differant, so glad these girls were organized, and woke up early, God is good, I think I will do a Brazilian internship like one day perhaps- God bless you and thank you for being you, love reading these

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! I would love to do an internship but photography for me is a hardcore hobby, but not my career. Love all the photos!

Erin Melissa said...

4 minutes and 22 seconds of sheer brilliance. i love you all!!

Mandie Mae said...

LOVE the music vid! LOL! You guys are so great! I hope to one day be an intern too and learn a ton from you!!! I love how much fun you always have, but you still get a lot done too. I like reading about all your interns too, thanks Sarah.

Samantha said...

Love the video also ;) look like an amazing group of girls! You always seem to get some amazing interns ;)

GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody said...

Ok, so this makes me wish I could be single again and hang out with JUST THE GALS!! Can I make a guest appearance one day/night? Seriously :) When we gonna hang, girl?? -Jody

Noticed Photography said...

Hey Sarah! Great photos! We love it! ;)
Have a great weekend!

Ruthie and Noe