Thursday, January 08, 2009


Ok...I'm going to catch you all up SOON on what I've been up to...but pictures are being taken faster than I can type! ha!
Anyways...I was on my cousin Lauren's facebook today and saw the link to this short film... I checked it out and was BLOWN AWAY by it! It tells what's on mine and sooo many people's hearts right now in the area of LIFE! It was perfect timing too as a big time revolution is taking place in a couple weeks in DC...partly headed up by my cousins..called Never Silence Life! It takes a serious stand for life.... and the importance of everyone having a choice to live and it not being chosen for them. No matter what your stand is in this this little will be in serious awe! I was close to tears! **CLICK HERE!!!!!!**
""Volition (n)- The act of making a choice. Sometimes the choice of inaction has consequences stronger than we could ever imagine. Throughout history, men have been faced with difficult choices in a world that makes it easy for them to conform. This film explores the hope that lies behind every decision made in the face of adversity; the hope that is buried in the heart of those that look beyond themselves and see something bigger worth fighting for.""
Here is the preview.....


BrianH Photography said...

Awesome cause, and awesome video! I dont understand how some people can just sit back and SAY things like this shouldnt happen, but not DO anything about it. Thanks again for sharing!

Evellyn said...

Hi Sarah! How are you ?
Your blog is very well!
Do you are relative of Barlowgirl? They sing very well! I love Barlowgirl! ♥
I'm Evellyn, I'm brasilian .

Kisses, your friend Evellyn.

My Sacred Corazon said...

Thank you for speaking up for those that dont have a voice. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was an amzing video. I don't understand how people can treat certain humans as if they have no value. God made us all equel. Thanks for sharing the video.