Thursday, January 22, 2009

The not so downtime....

Whew! What a month! December and January went by and is going by waaaaay to fast! I guess it's so true about time flying when you are having fun! Here is a little recap of my past month and somewhat of an explanation of the lack of blogging...I've figured out what it is..I am a HUGE people person and when they are around I don't want to do anything except entertain or veg... I need to learn how to balance it so that my work-life/productiveness doesn't stop when I have people my dad said right after I had moved out... that there was more oxygen at their house because I wasn't there...not that I personally was taking up so much oxygen... just that I always like to bring a TRIBE home with me! That hasn't really stopped since being down here... it's actually almost escalated I think.. It's been such INCREDIBLE times of laughing, talking, dressing up, photo-shooting, working out, eating really good food, shopping... plus getting some work done too of course;)
So as I said in a previous post the month started with my friend Victoria and Angela from Chicago coming to visit and go to a concert!
Then my friend/previous intern Jamie Delaine came in for a week in the middle of December to see my new place and just spend some quality time! She is from Vancouver, BC and I'm trying to get her to move here... cause we are definitely two peas in a pod it's ridiculous and we basically never slept the entire time she was here... with ugly sweater parties, crazy youtube video making, running what felt like 1000s of miles. Yeah. We lived it up!
Right after Jamie left I headed home for 8 days for Christmas! It was sooooo wonderful being back with my family and didn't realize how much I had missed them! I always get really refreshed and re-energized when I'm there...yes even through all the craziness I find it relaxing! ha! It was a beautiful Christmas and one of my favorite parts was being able to see my youngest sister JuliAnna really start to enjoy it... as the past years she's been to little to understand! It was a beautiful time!

I made sure that I stayed an extra day for my beautiful sister Natalie's 17th birthday...she's getting sooo crazy old and mature... has a million friends, her own business, a gorgeous model, plus such a heart to help and love people...what more could you want!? I love her so much!
I came home and enjoyed a couple days of quiet and rest to catch up on everything and get focused before the new year! It was perfect timing too before the next group of people showed up!
On New Years Eve I went to my church for a crazzzzzzy 80's celebration! Sometimes you might think with a church it might just end up cheesy or something like that...NOT even close! This was beyond incredible! Everyone being crazy decked out in hideous 80s outfits, learning thriller, and dancing the night away to a cover band! It was amazing!
The next morning I woke up super early.. yes I can be hardcore like that sometimes... to run Nashville's 5K Resolution Run with my running club from church! It was THE best way to start off the new year... plus then heading over to one of my friends house to celebrate and laugh the rest of the day away with fun games!
That night my beautiful friend Abby Smith arrived in town to spend a couple days here in Nashville! We had been trying to work out a time and finally found just the right time! Also in keeping with tradition as last year was the first time I had met her right at the same time when she came to my house in Chicago! Abby is from the brown state(that's what I relate it too...) of Oklahoma. haha!! She is SUCH a sweet spirit and we just get into some of the best conversations! She is a BRILLIANT photographer too and she actually did some pics for me that I'm going to post on my new website! I love her so much and am so blessed by her!
Finally...right after Abby left my friend Carolina came in town for a photoshoot! Carolina and I have been emailing the past 3 years or so as she is one of the moderators for my cousin's, BarlowGirl, forum and we hit is off SOOO well...she is a worship leader down in Miami and finally decided that she needed some photos for her new projects!! It was seriously one of the most amazing and fun shoots I've done...I'll post those very soon!
Lastly... my friend Heather texted me a couple weeks ago as she had 2 tickets to the Nashville Celine Dion Concert and she invite ME to go with her! I was so honored and boy was it an experience!! What an amazing show! I didn't think I would know a lot of her stuff...but I was happily surprised at how much I recognized...I guess being a wedding photographer that comes with the was one unreal night! :)
Well.....that my friends has been my last month and where I've been..I'm considering hiring a professional blogger for me just to follow me around like a paparazzi and document my life...what do you think? Yeah...I thought it was a pretty good idea myself! ;)
I love you all!!!


jamiedelaine said...

AW!!! You would not believe it Sarah. I'm SUCH A GIRL. I like...starting welling up with tears. No joke. That's hilarious. Now I'm laughing at myself. Totally crying though. I was waiting for this post and it makes me miss you all over again. So then I'm reading that and I scroll down and see Jules+Oli and then I see more of your amazing family and then I see an ADORABLE photo of Mark+Jules that I've never seen, which is so cute, and he looks so grown up in it, and then I see Natalie on her birthday and that makes me sad I wasn't there for it and yes she is all of those things you said and then I see your 80s party and wish I was there for that like we talked about and....

breathe. :)
that's my comment.
man, people just think i'm weird when they read my blog comments.

have a beautiful thursday night girl.

jamiedelaine said...

people *must just think

Anonymous said...

Man you have such a crazy, awesome life!!

abigail smith said...

I'm so glad it finally worked out for us to have an absolutely FABULOUS first 5 days of 2009 together. ;) Maybe you can come visit the so-called "brown" state of Oklahoma for our next adventure together.


Heather said...

i made the blog. haha!
that is a crazy, not even, two months! but seems like it was SO much fun. I know the concert was totally rad!

Keep Rocking Girl!

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like someone had an stinkin awesome time!!!! love you! 8)

Anonymous said...

So, i've read through nearly all your "Dear Natalie" posts and you really need to continue posting on there! Your posts have blessed me a lot and made me think! :D and challenged me. lol So thank you for those posts! love, love, love, you!
peace yo!

kelli said...

ohhh i LOVED this post! So much {goodness} going on in your life and what a way to start off the *NeW yEAr*

ok....its so funny that I know so many of the peeps in your pictures, yet we have never met! we must change that girl!!!!


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