Monday, March 05, 2012

Internships 2012

I've had a LOT of people come up recently and ask me about these "internship" things that I do. What in the world is it? About 5 years ago an AMAZING girl named Kristen Leigh wrote me about wanting to do an internship one summer.. I was pretty new to photography myself but figured hey! Why not?? She came for 6 weeks and we ended up having so much fun it could barely be considered work!! From then I had two more interns that year, Morgan Matters & Beth Laurren and I fell. in. love. with teaching! The next year I opened it up for 8 more interns and it kept growing until I had a full out program with workbooks, photoshoots, people coming from around the world to have these glorified sleepover workshops.

The thing I love about these "internships" is instead of going to a sterile workshop, it's coming into my life for 4 days and getting business immersion and how life is done along with it. As most business owners know you usually live & breathe your work constantly, but also how do you balance life with that!?
I don't do near as many of these crazy times as I used to, as my focus has turned to traveling more, but I still get so many requests that I try to open them up as much as possible. I'll probably do two this summer, each 4 days and revolving around a wedding as well as several mini internships around the country! I take two interns at a time so that we can have the most focused time possible but SOOO so much fun too! Work during the days and partayy at night! It's some of the best times! For more details and all that you can go to the website, I'd love to meet some of you this year! JUST released the first one for June so CHECK IT OUT!!

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Anonymous said...

This is just sooo cool, I would LOVE to be a part of your internship...! I sent you an email a while ago asking about dates and everything, but unfortunately life hasn't allowed me to be a part of one yet... I've been so in love with photography lately and really would love to learn more about from someone like you! :) But who knows one day right... Love your photography dear! xoxo