Sunday, December 04, 2011

Andrew & Kimmy ::: Engagement ::: Santa Barbara

Wellll this is a crazy post for me to do. I do so many different shoots and with each one write a little something about the people that I'm photographing..I have so much content for this one it could be a book. Because it's my BROTHER and his beautiful fiance! Crazy that we're in THAT season of life now...seems like it was just a few days ago that I was chasing him around the house fighting over a calendar & about exactly when his birthday was! ha! But now he's gone off figured out really when his birthday is and a wife as well! So grown up;) He moved out to California last year and about 2 months later called me telling me he had met this amazing girl playing volleyball and they went bowling together...soon after they knew they wanted to get married! Me being the protective older sister was like whooaaa slow it down...but once I met Kimmy and got to know her over this year I fell in love too! They fit each other perfectly, have the EXACT same sense of humor(not sure how that happened, clearly a miracle) and have a beautiful relationship they have created centered around God and amazing purpose. I'm inspired to see it. So excited for their wedding coming up next month in Texas!! Love you both!


J@KE said...

I love this!!!! Great Job Sarah!

Maria said...

Absolutely beautiful images. Your work is a constant inspiration! I love keeping up with your work. I'd love to intern with you one of these days.

Kristin said...

Congrats to Andrew & Kimmy!

I'm especially a fan of the black and white ones on the hill.

Howard said...

Awesome pictures and great story!

Naz said...

Cute story!

I am in love with the colours, the location and that light!!! G O R G E O U S photography always.