Monday, February 07, 2011

Chelsea & Brock ::: Wedding

Back in December my amazing friend Jamie Delaine asked me to help her shoot a beautiful wedding down in Alabama. I of course agreed as I rairly EVER get to see Jamie and any opportunity for our crazy times together is always welcome! When I picked her up from the airport she explained the details about the wedding and who we were shooting for... hilariously the bride and I were already friends on fb as she is a fellow photographer! The wedding was on SUCH a perfect day and every detail planned out so well! SUCH style I couldn't handle it! Photographer weddings are always some of the best because they know exactly what details are important! The wedding was at Auburn University in the theater...and the ceremony was put on as almost a play! It was brilliant! The reception was at a beautiful church up on a hill by a lake. SO. Perfect. I'm so excited for these two and their beautiful life together!! Check out the **SLIDESHOW HERE**


jamiedelaine said...

talented as always!

jackie said...

Some nice shots!

Christine said...

love the pink wedding dress and the unique wedding style they have going on! the last photo is amazing!