Thursday, May 13, 2010

New internship dates!

Well.... just released a June internship date! I had so many requests for them that the first one(June 16-21) is almost full just from the past inquiries so I decided to put out another date to see if there is more interest! June 25-30th! More info on the website! interns.sarahbarlow! Check it out! Hope you all are having such a beautiful day!!


AshleyAnn said...

If I were in my 20s and not my 30s...if I didn't have 4 kids...if I had the dance moves to be in one of your videos...I would be all over trying to get a spot as one of your interns!

Ashley said...

my mom just showed me The Interns! i totally want to do it, next year after i graduate high school. it sounds like so much fun and such a great experience!!

Jennifer said...

I don't have the cash to do this this year, but I'm hoping you do them again next year and that I can attend one of them. I'll be saving up =)

And hopefully, I'll be making my way up to Nashville. Hoping I can get into a Grad school there. ^-^