Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Update - The Interns January

So there are a few more spots in the January 20-27th internship!! There is still time to sign up now and what better way to start off the year than getting your business up and running!? Also, if you aren't able to make it this time BUT you are hoping to come in the summer and you refer a friend for this one you'll get a $300 discount! Woohoo for sales!!
Hope everyone's year is off to a beautiful start!!


Kaylee said...

Ahh! Sarah, I want to come so badly but the finances just aren't adding up. :) I'll make it up sometime though, just gotta keep saving! Hope God blesses this internship the way he has blessed all the others.

Emma Leigh said...

Can I come again?! pleeeeeease :) I miss you and the rest of the Nashville hussies

Feuza said...

cant wait to here all about it