Thursday, September 24, 2009

ThE interns #5 this was the LAST internship of the summer and such an amazing time! August was my crazy busiest month of my life with literally something booked every single day, near the end I was tired but so ready for this internship! It was awesome though cause God knew what I needed, it was definitely one of the most chill internships and they were such quick, easy learners that it made my job very simple! We had such fun times with TONS of photo-shoots... even one the day before the internship started...out in the woods. Documenting Franktown Open Hearts, a ministry for young inner city boys. And several other model shoots and couple shoots! Of course we had to get the Nashville vibe though and go concert hopping to my friends: Adam Agin and Ben Schofield’s shows...both UNREAL artists!!
Of course good conversation all around and times of uncontrollable laughter... but through it all such great friendships were built! I love these girls soooo much! Check out the ***SLIDESHOW*** of the time and more on the girls down below!

Beth Henze
Beth definitely wins the award for the farthest traveled to the internship....coming allllllll the way from Japan she gets the highest award! Originally from the midwest but now over there for her husbands job she brought so many stories and culture things to the internship that I LOVED! I want to go there sooooo bad! She is incredibly sweet and offered to cook for us whenever needed. She’d always be up at the crack of dawn and when I woke up she’d be dressed and ready to work out which motivated me SO much! Her discipline definitely started to rub off on everyone! I’m SO excited for her new business! I know she is going to thrive in it because of her motivation!!
Jill Devries
I started following Jill’s twitter awhile ago when I found out that she was interning and I knew immediately we would hit it off! She would post different times about concerts she was going to see and of course they were all my favorite too! So when she came I immediately told her that she MUST move to Nashville cause everything about her was so the Ville. The awesome thing about her style is that she really draws other people like that to her even her clients! She’s shot some of the coolest looking weddings that I’m crazy jealous of! ha! Anyways...she is such an amazing person who super down to earth and connects with people really easily which I know is going to take her soooo far in her business and it looks like it already has!
Kelsey McGinley
Kelsey, another fellow Chicagoan found me through a bunch of my friends up in the city and decided that she wanted to be a part of the program too! THANKFULLY because she is incredible and such a wonderful photographer! It was awesome to catch up on old friends and joke about crazy happenings...I can’t believe we hadn’t met before! Kelsey realllllly started coming out near the end of the internship and is seriously hilarious! From the music video that her and I made to jumping in the pool late one night with all our clothes on. She’s the life of the party! ha! I know that her fun personality and awesome eye in photography will make her career soooo much fun and colorful!!! :) Check out her incredible new blog **HERE**


erin. said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a little while now because of your awesome photos & somewhere along the lines, I saw that you were related to BarlowGirl (correct?). Anyways, just wondering what the internship is that you talk about so much....?

Debra said...

Hey Sarah! I remember meeting you in Glen Ellyn, I'm the friend of Danette's who picked her up at your house. Happened to stumble upon your blog....Awesome photos....! :)

Samantha F. said...

Sarah, you have to post again!!! Going through withdrawal!


Kristin said...

update! i'm needing more barlow!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Are you still going to write on your "Dear Natalie" blog? I miss it! Maybe when your not so busy you could update it!?!?