Thursday, March 05, 2009

How bad do you want it??

I've had some pretty amazing conversations this week, that for me is probably one of my most favorite things about life...long DEEP conversations about just everything! There's just something about it.
Yesterday, my incredible friend, Amy and I got together for lunch to catch up...after talking for awhile we realized that one of the things that BOTH of us were majorly dealing with was passivity... knowing exactly what we are supposed to do but just NOT wanting to do it!
I've come to realize that I have chosen where I am today...I could if I wanted to... have been a multi-millionaire with a huge business, giving millions into the gospel by now and saving kids over in Africa. It's truly been my choice... I feel like I've been putting out about 30% of my potential into what I undertake...which I've accomplished a lot so far... but...that's right there's been sooo many buts!
I spend the day on Facebook instead of getting what I need to do done. I watch that movie rather than working out. I go hang out with friends instead of spending time with God. And I go shopping instead of doing my taxes. Not that ANY of these are wrong..if you aren't doing these then there is something wrong there too...but it's doing these things mainly and the other things when I muster up the feeling to do it!
Really what I've realized is it's the flesh and right now it is MUCH stronger than my conscience... denying yourself things in fasting is a WONDERFUL way of putting that flesh under and rising above it! I've realized that the times that I've gotten THE most done is when I've lived a fasted that doesn't constantly succumb to every whim that my flesh wants! It's saying no FIERCELY to those things for awhile and realizing how much time we are wasting just sitting around waiting for something amazing to happen! We are the amazing thing that is about to happen to this world but only if we get off our buts-butts and GET MOVING! I think we will be surprised in heaven when God shows us HOW MUCH we were able to accomplish compared to what we actually did because of us letting that flesh get in the way! As my desktop background says...THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! Let's PRESS IN! Not lean back!!


Morgan Matters said...

LOVE this post Sarah....

Just when I needed a pick me up... I read your blog! and there it is :)

Thanks for the wake up call :)

Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I gave up Facebook for Lent! I was absorbed by it.

Liana said...

Great wake-up call I agree! I think I need to copy this and put it on my TV, laptop screen, etc. LOL. Love ya!!

kelli said...

ohhhh girl. this is GOOOOD!!!!

i had my first conversation with Amy the other day {if you're talking about the same Amy we both know}...and she rocked my world. Truth in L O V E truly is refreshment to our souls. i love that you shared this on are amazing!


dani marie said...

Really needed this, today I tok the time out to go hiking verse sitting aroung editing, sometimes we need to just MOVE! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Leah Hopkins said...

Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog and this is literally the first thing I read. Knowing nothing about have pierced me today! That is exactly what I needed to exactly the right moment.