Friday, February 10, 2006

Barlowgirls...and boys!

The Barlow Family slideshow is FINALLY up!!!
It took 2 months for me to get this up but it's finally here!!!
And this one is actually just something to get up until the REAL one is here:)
I can't believe it, I was going through my pictures and realized that I hardly shoot anything of my family!! I need to get on this!!! haha!!
Well....last night I went to an INCREDIBLE workshop put on by Gary Fong called One Step Ahead tour!! It was sooo awesome!! I learned sooo much and got like a million pages of notes!!
There were so many things that I can apply to my business right now:)
Next week I'll be going to a 4 day intensive workshop taught by Mike Colon ...
I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! Me and about 19 other photographers from OSP will be staying at a huge mansion on Laguna Beach for a week!! It'll be CRAZY but incredible!!
:)Stay tuned for pictures and videos!!

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natalie barlow said...

WHOAA!!!!! Thats me!!!! IM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol