Sunday, January 22, 2006


We went to church today..and my awesome friend Debbie came:) She brought her ADORABLE daughter Brooke with her!!!! She is sooo cute you just want to eat her!!! haha!!
Debbie and I have been friends since we were born which is soooo cool!!! Man everyone is getting sooooo old!!!! haha!!!! How can I say that??? It's only been 18 years!! lol!!!
Debbie is so cool, she is a nanny for a family and really actually raises the kids for the parents!! Actually teaches them the meaning of "obey"!! I told her the parents are getting WAY more than there money's worth!!!:) I remember when we were younger we both wanted to be nurses!!:) But after I thought about giving shots and stuff I decided another career choice might be better!!! haha!! Photography's alot less bloody!!!;)
ps. the top picture was taken by Mark Collins an awesome photographer who will be shooting with me at some weddings!!:)


Debbie Garon said...

Hey! I love the pics! We need to take more of us!! It was awesome seeing you! I am looking forward to going to Praise Fellowship more!!! We need to get together one day when i dont have Brooke! Love ya!!


Sarah Barlow said...

Hey girl!!!
Yeah let's totally get together!!!
We should also work on that youth group thing!!!
love ya too!!

dabid jake said...

omg! Brooke is absolutely ADORABLE!! I cant wait to see her!!
nice seeing u!
"Dabid jake"
aka Natalie!

Sarah Barlow said...

Your soooo weird Nat!!
I'll have to get the REAL Dabid Jake on here...