Monday, September 25, 2006

What a weekend!! :)

It has been an awesome and crazy weekend at the same time!!
I had 3 photoshoots which was really fun because since I normally just do weddings it's fun to break away and do something else!
I had two photoshoots on Saturday downtown Chicago!! An engagement session for a really awesome couple Mary and Tim(whose slideshow I'll post tomorrow:) and headshots Tiffany Tapley of P3 Clothing!! It was so much fun and started raining right when we went inside!!! I love this! hehe!
On Saturday night we celebrated my brother Andrew's birthday with a TON of his/my friends(It's so great that we have the same friends!!) Andrew wanted to play football so we headed out to the park to play which was great!!...but it had just almost flooded so it was more like wallowing in the mud!! lol!! I played a little but then resorted to photography;) Here is the **slideshow**
(Caution...may contain some disturbing images...;) hehe!!
Have a great night!!!


J@KE said...

Mud ball totally ROCKS!!!!!! I would've loved to stay but church was calling me and I had to answer. ;-) Let's do that again sometime when I don't have to leave early...... or whetever..... Let's just do that again!!!


Jasmine said...

Sarah...if wedding photography doesn't work out for you, WOW, you can sure nail headshots for a living!! :) Beautiful!

Debbie Garon said...

Ahhh thats was an awesome party! Haha i cant believe i played in that nasty field!! Lol Love the pics(i even took some wooooo!!) Love you as always!

kristen leigh photography said...

those birthday pictures are awesome! super fun!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Jake!! HAHA!! I think we should do that like once a week!!!

Jasmine!! :) Thank you so much!! Miss you girl!

Debbie: "Waaa, no I don't want to go outside, cause it's wet" two minutes later: "Yeah!! I'm playing!!!!" LOL!;) Love you!

Liana said...

Ditto what Jazzy said! Great shots! Love her shirt too :) :)

Captivating Studios said...

Ooooh I love that entrepreneur shirt! I'm gonna get one! Great shots too!